Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager App acts as cache cleaner, task manager, startup manager, file explorer, app manager, SD Card analyzer, power optimizer and screen checker. Lets check in detail how this app going to perform all the mentioned things.
Cache Cleaner:
When you tap on this option, it performs automatic scan on your Android phone and displays the scan results along with the memory size of results. Now, it provides an option to clean all cache files and when you click on it, your cache files will be cleaned up quickly.

Task Manager:
It displays various tasks on your Android mobile and provides an option to kill the selected tasks efficiently.

Startup Manager:
Users can set the preferences with the help of this feature. Preferences include ignore list, kill only list, shortcuts, exit after kill all etc. You can avoid killing important apps by adding them to ignore list. Display settings can be done on advanced settings option.

Power Optimizer:
This feature is dedicated to save your battery life. This enables you to ON/OFF WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS etc, so that you can manage increase your battery life.

File Explorer, App manager and SD Card analyzer are integrated with ES File explorer and users need to install ES File explorer in order to use these features. ES File Explorer acts as a file manager that explores your phone and PC. With this new feature users can copy, paste, create, delete etc files from phone and computer. Integration with ES File Explorer has made this app stronger.

Add important app to ignore list to avoid to be killed!
Click-choose,Long Press-Menu

ES Task Manager could be integrated in ES File Explorer.

Uninstall the older version first before installation if you meet issues(such as widget disappear, cannot start,...).

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